We seek out the coffee, so you can enjoy it delivered fresh to your doorstep. Skip the line and try Two Pines today.


Our customers go crazy over the rotating roasts and the stories behind the local familes and farms where the beans are sourced”

- Urban Coffee House


$25 + /month


    You will receive
  • 1 Bag per month

This package is designed for personal home use. You will enjoy our rotating roast each month or can select a specific coffee of your choice. The home use starts with one bag per week but can be upgraded depending on usage.

$100 + /month


    You will receive
  • 1 Bag per week

This package is designed for you and your team. The size of your team can vary greatly so our price for this packages ranges. In this package you will receive signature coffees as well as our rotating roasts.

$400 + /month


    You will receive
  • 5 Bags per week

This package is designed for your coffee shop business but the price can vary based on the options and needs of your business. We will discuss all the options and help with ensuring you get only what you need.


Two Pines Packaging and Products

We offer an extensive array of products for your home or business needs. This can include paper goods, glassware, coffee cups, paper and burlap bags and totes. All of our packagings is made with only the most sustainable and organic materials that we can find to maintain our eco-conscious culture.

Giving Back is at the heart of this company as they establish their footprint in the coffee market”

- Forbes Magazine


Our Commitment

We cup every roast to ensure we are meeting the highest standard of coffee for our customers.It is important that every roast meets the flavor profiles that we work so hard to bring you and we make zero sacrifices. Our coffee embodies the ideals of the hard-working American culture and history of Two Pines.

The Source

Our team is focused on building relationships with family farmers that share the same values and qualities that we share. We take trips to the farms to see first hand the process before we buy any beans. This allows us to stand behind our promise of providing sustainable high-quality products to our customers.


We built our roasters in-house using equipment that is as green and eco-conscious we could find. We encourage and love when you stop by our farm during business hours to take a tour of our roastery to see the entire process.

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Two Pines Coffee is community, friendship and love in a cup of coffee”

- John Thomas
Mayor of Two Pines

Our Story

To most people Two Pines was just another small town in New England but not to the people who grew up there, this was the small town where people lived off the land, where local farmers and mom and pop business has kept the town alive. This allowed them to focus on the important things in life like family, friends, and nature. But then it was almost taken from them.

A historic farm site was going to be sold to big business to “help modernize and bring in more jobs to the town” they said. The people of Two Pines wouldn’t give up without a fight and that’s how our coffee company was created. We were able to acquire the land with the promise of keeping Two Pines the sustainable beautiful place it is.

A portion of our profits goes directly back to Two Pines and its people. We provide a fair trade coffee that uses only the cleanest and most efficient machines to keep the process eco-friendly. Help us continue to keep the dreams of hard-working families alive and join us for a cup of Two Pines Coffee.


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